Bill & Ken's Home Page Party

(Music if you please, Maestro!)

Some people just never grow up. Two of them, Bill Gamber and Ken Withers, created these pages.

Even though we are both 40ish, our apartment in Boston looks like the home of two 12 year olds: bicycles, train sets, stuffed animals, a 5-foot inflatable mummy, collections of cows, old stereoscope and View-Master slides...

We do have some serious interests as well. Ken has designed the Tour de Graves, a bike tour of Boston's historic burying grounds, which he runs in conjunction with the Boston Parks Department. Bill is currently researching the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, the St. Louis World's Fair of 1904. We both have a long-standing interest in archaeology (only armchair archaeology thus far), especially of Egypt and the Holy Lands.

We like to host parties, where a motley collection of artists, musicians, neighborhood activists, British expatriots, real ale drinkers, competition cyclists, lawyers, computer hackers, academic historians, bike messengers, and occasional mainstream Americans will show up to sample home brew, play with our toys, and eat little cocktail hotdogs with barbeque sauce.

But we can't have parties all the time, so we've decided to move the party to the World Wide Web, and here it is.

Feel free to wander from room to room. There's even a kitchen (medieval, but still a kitchen) which is where all the really interesting people end up at any party. And don't just sit there, participate. Every page of our own material ends with a response button, and we'll periodically collect the responses (that we like) and present them on a special "e-mail to the editors" page.

So welcome to Bill & Ken's house party. You just have to provide your own cocktail hotdogs and be careful not to drip barbeque sauce on your keyboard.

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