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During the Harlem Renaissance, the grande dames of the Jazz Age hosted lavish parties called "buffet flats," as each room of the hostess' apartment catered to a different (sometimes exotic) taste. We're continuing the tradition, electronically. Wander the rooms of our buffet flat and sample the fare. Wherever you like it, stay a while.

Who are Bill & Ken, and what is this all about?

Postcards From The Past

Adventures in 3-D

Armchair Archaeology

1904 St. Louis World's Fair

Bill's Bears - 2 and 4 legged

Ken's Bicycling World

Medieval Cooking

Ken's Tour de Graves


Homebrewing -

We've been brewing our own beer for several years now. We've made porters, stouts, bitters, ales and several specialty beers -including spruce ale, chocolate porter, and ginger-honey ale.

Some Favorite Beer links:

Rocks and Gems -

Bill has a fairly large collection of gemstones and mineral specimens, including several that he's collected, cut and polished himself.

Some Favorite Rock and Gem links :

Trains, both big & small -

We both have an interest in trains (especially steam) and are currently working on an N gauge train set based on a 1930's British village with visual references to some of our favorite murder mysteries. We are members of the Phoebe Snow Society, a club for gay train enthusiasts, and the British Model Railway Association.

Some Favorite Train Links:

Fireworks -

Bill has a long-standing love of pyrotechnics, but we unfortunately live in a state where fireworks are illegal. This page may be the next best thing.

A Favorite Fireworks Link:

Cows -

Ken has a large collection of cows and cow-spotted stuff. "I don't know how it began. Someone gave me a ceramic cow one day because they thought I collected cows, or should. After that, everyone simply assumed I collected cows and they keep giving them to me."

Some Favorite Cow Links:

Sheep -

To provide equal time for sheep (and because it's a really fun page).

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The background music for this page is "Fizz Water", written by Eubie Blake.

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