(click on the bears to hear them growl.)

This page is intended to highlight two-legged bears - what, in my youth, my friends and I refered to as PMABG (portly middle-aged bearded guys).

Just so no-one will be disappointed, though, I've included some links to pictures of the four-legged variety as well.

These photos are courtesy of Phillip Greenspun. If You liked these, you can see more photos from his fabulous zoo collection. These were taken to illustrate a VERY enjoyable piece of writing he did entitled Heather Has Two Mommies ... and the three of them go to the zoo. (When reading this, remember to keep tounge planted firmly in cheek.)

And now - for those of you looking for two-legged bears:

Here are some links to the Resources for Bears Page, which includes links to web pages for bear clubs around the country (and world); New England Bears, my local bear club,and for those of you interested, a picture of me.

Some other Bear-related links that I really like are:

The Lone Star Saloon - the Mecca of the Bear movement. If you haven't been there, take a cyber-visit.

RustyBear's Home Page - this is what a home page should be (be sure and visit Biff the Bear)

Bear Roulette - spin the wheel and see what pops up!

For those of you in a more randy frame of mind, try these links:

GRUF Magazine - "Great Unshaven Faces"

M.J. O'Neill's Page - more links than you ever knew existed

The Hairy Chest Page - a site for all you chest Bears out there

The Harry Bear Page - Jellystone was never like this, eh, Booboo?

Bear Scans Brisbane - bear scans from down under

Men on the Net - still more links (if you're still not satisfied)

For the truly sexually adventerous:

Links to Kinks

If you're under age or easily offended, I wouldn't go in.

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