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Job Postings - Individual Resumes -- Updated December 2006

Companies looking for auditors and other related occupations continue to post positions on the IAWWW.

Another new posting on our Career - Company page. If you would like to post a position on the IAWWW to reach your "ideal candidate", please contact Maureen Peterson for information.

Advertise on the IAWWW

You need to reach the right audience, individuals and companies with expertise in auditing, financial control, accounting, and other critical business skills.

Advertise with the IAWWW and know that your message is reaching a global audience of thousands of professionals around the world.

And the price is always right. For $50 per month, we will post a small banner ad on our home page and a listing on our Companies or Organizations pages.

Start now. Let other professionals know what it is you do and how well you do it.

Contact Maureen Peterson for more information.

What Is New in Auditing

Looking through various job posting web sites and local help wanted ads, I've noticed a plethora of audit-related job openings. And I am wondering if the need for auditing expertise has grown and, if so, are there enough qualified audit professionals to fill the need?

We are interested in knowing what you think. Send Maureen Peterson an e-mail with your thoughts and will be publishing some of the e-mails over the course of the next few weeks.

And let us know if there are specific topics you think we should be addressing in this forum. We want to make sure that our entire audience is kept informed about emerging developments in auditing and related fields.

HR Executives and Recruiters

Please take a moment to review our resume list and see if any individuals meet your needs. If you find a resume that interests you, please contact Maureen Peterson for more details about our fees and how to acquire contact information


HR Executives:

  • Review our current list of resumes
  • Post an open position


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